Not His Father - PG-13 - Angel - Coda to the episode Billy. Encourage me enough and I'll write a sequal. :)

Electron Bonding - NC-17 - CSI/Buffy - Electrovalent bonding occurs when one atom releases an electron and another accepts an electron.

Lost - PG-13 - Due South - Fraser's always known he's smart. That doesn't stop him from feeling stupid.

Rainbow Connection - R - Harry Potter - Sometimes rules about dark and light were made up by people who don't know any better.

The Parts That We Play : Act 1 : Choices That We Make - R - Harry Potter - Life is a series of choices, its what we do with them that makes all the difference.

Pledges - R - Harry Potter - Screwed up spells, attacks on hogwarts, Potions Masters who dearly wish he had actual control over his life. SLASH HP/SS

Alternates - R - Harry Potter - There are a thousand possibilities... and for each one. A universe.

Don't Let Go - R - Harry Potter - Sometimes life takes a horrible detour and all you can do is hold on.

Daze - PG-13 - Star Wars - You have one of those days? (Slash warning, nothing major, but there will be smoochies)

What's Past is Prologue - NC-17 - Stargate/Highlander - Cliche! HUGE cliche! But a fun one. And one I'm told with good characterization. (warning: unbeta'd)

Fucking Right - NC-17 - Stargate - Neurotic headspace smut. Closest to a PWP I'll ever get.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - PG-13 - Stargate:Atlantis - So, Sheppard is really getting tired of being held at spear point for his own good, let alone in a dark cave at the edge of a village run by sadistic native elders.